Services Company in the Catering and Cleaning Industry

Services Rendered January 2016


  1. Kitchen Financial Management System implement, whilst staff is trained. Currently 53 implemented in 5 Provinces. Continuity guaranteed.
  2. 4 Week Menu cycle (computerized) with standardized costed recipes is provided
  3. Backup support provided 24/7 to Kitchen Management staff by email and Teamviewer, regarding control and results of the Kitchen Financial Management System
  4. Assisting Management in In-sourcing of Kitchen services from being outsourced – hundreds of Thousand of rands in your pocket.
  5. Kitchen upgrades


  1. Life Skills hands on Workshop – includes Communication, Different Personalities and management styles combined with problem solving techniques.
  2. Management training – Basics of Management
  3. Supervisors – Hands on Training
  4. All staff: Service to Clients –  including Server/Waiter training
  5. Basic computer literacy course
  6. Training of staff on Kitchen Financial Management System


  1. Correct staffing and gearing of business, combined with the implementation of it, including Job Descriptions and other requirements
  2. Disciplinary and Grievance procedure training and implementation on behalf of Clients
  3. Disciplinary inquiries on behalf of clients
  4. Kitchen audits regarding management thereof, including staff, financials, Quality Assurance and menus.
  5. Quality Assurance survey on Clients site regarding service and amenities available. 52 page document


  1. Kitchen Financial Management System – computerized in Excel
  2. Computer component and software sales
  3. Industrial Cleaning Equipment